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When i was younger in tandem my tantrums tumultuous never ceased with disciplined screams
marco Belted POLO
my lungs never seemed to be exhausted...
so as punishment my alien mother would make me stand in the corner and rewrite the American dictionary from beginning as means to an end...
and when i became a rebellious teenager
i would vandalize my alien mother's ears with bold American words
so metaphysically grand she could only mentally compliment
what i was saying with this is going to hurt me more then it will you..
aye bai dun mek mi an u go up deh road
well i am an adult now silenced
a smart ass i muse mules
i write poetry with words felt
like no one seems to understand them
in my tactful vulgar salaciousness complimented in the irony by those in tune with the tone of what am i writing.
i dare you to tell me what im saying in your own words
please answer me...? end of recording
Needless to say being lost in translation is an understatement
i could never freestyle though I dream as the master of ceremonies
for ive been an alien to the u-n-i-versal order of aliens themselves
this life of lies since America began to ostracize its inhabitants in transit
shes fresh off the boat natrualized
though indiginous
my entire life
ive been disconnected with this culture
of she now that this man made my own
thus according to sheer will
i who have since left my mother's salmon cakes by stove side
unattended too spoiled in my grandfathers cooking
the Saturdays my stomach ate at eye level to my great-grandmother who said to whom it may concern in the summers eves of rum drunk with bake im a salty dish with fried okras and green banana plantain smiles cocoanut custard desserts ginger rooted cream soda bottled by the dollar beef patties and curry cornerstones of jersey
shits heavy...and i wish i could understand you like you understood me with those convoluted irises flashed in side glances when everyone says im fucking rude
you see
America raised me American and yet you make me feel like i dont even belong here like there isnt enough room and ive forgotten my native tongue because i have yet to call you back and apologize for assuming you cussed me proper when asked what the fuck is it you keep saying to me she replies you Babylon of generations blunders you are twice removed from my memory as i am part of your land i love you still the same yet you dont have the time to call me im an outsider I pray for you in hindu chants cousined un accepted i can never accept a plate at the table you said i couldnt stomach an eon of truth i am history's accidental youth driven music influenced by culture not my own i constantly tell my friends that i am not black im Guyanese but speak in H's what the hell am I saying this which entails the coolly blood i thought was cool but slang you taught me racism before they did and we embrace it at the table in silenced lard religions what makes Sense Im fat and sassy let us bow our heads gracefully and dance with devils by a pale moonlight goblins of tyler the creator we are made in his image you have less faith in the art I procreate with angels my heart unprotected by modern day funding you called me a nigger when I said my next wife might be black I better be like my white brothers I told my uncle what ive been doing he sighs and says move far enough to visit when it counts im lost enroute when an officer pulls me over and speaks to me in our native tongue im arrested then cause I cant follow the directions and I reply what the fuck are you saying to me he keeps scream GO HOME SUN GO HOME SUN GO HOME

But...where is it...I don't have the money to buy one... im a starving artist to whom it may concern drunk with the accidents of my American father dear uncle sam give me my gun I shot my brothers religion and prayed over my mothers cooking in a voice not my own my dearest love please remember how to pronounce my name in Hebrew

God is gracious of flourishing prince


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Sense the 8th A.K.A [RA]-AnIum
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Born Master Shane A Nassy
My name means: "God is gracious oh flourishing prince"

-I am whirling Mathematician apart the 5% Nation
I stay studying 120 striving for the perfect angle of my square
most days trying to figure this thing they made called a Man

Most the Creative righteous cats call me Sense
and i strongly urge you to do the science behind your name...

I Art I Poet I Spit I Teach and I Listen to Advise Accordingly

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